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Our roll designer's expertise, combined with our state of the art design software and technology allows Bowers & Jones to design and manufacture complex shapes from exotic material.  


Using COPRA® FEA simulation software we can graphically demonstrate the end results and give the customer 100% confidence in the design.


The skill of the designer combined with these tools means the design process can be optimised and the most cost effective design and manufacturing solution be found.

The roll forming process involves passing a flat strip of rolled metal coil through a series of shaped rolls progressively forming the metal to achieve the section profile shape.


This process produces profile shapes with high precision and dimensional accuracy in almost any length from a wide range of materials.

Our experienced technical staff, as well as continuous investment in machinery and software has build Bowers & Jones into a centre of excellence for design manufacture and the world wide distribution of rolls and rolling equipment for a wide range of sizes and applications.


The complete in-house service provided by our experienced engineers includes technical advice to optimise customers production processes.

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  • Large variety of shapes

  • High load capacity to weight ratios

  • Integration of the punching/perforating processes into the roll forming process

  • Sections produced in materials with various surface finishes e.g. pre-coated strip

  • Lower production costs

Advanages of Cold Rolled Section

Variety of Section Shapes

An almost limitless  variety of cross-sections can be produced using this process. Generally roll formed sections are devided into two main catorgories


  • Standard sections such as channels, “top hat” and purlins 

  • Complex shaped sections.


For complex sections, the section manufacturer produces the cold rolled section in accordance to the end users specification. This requires a specially designed and manufactured set of rolls.

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