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Bowers and Jones manufacture rolls and wheels for copper rod mills and continuous rotary extrusion machines.


Produced in a range  of high prformance steel grades our products offer the customer much improved properties compared to conventional tooling, for a stable manufacture and longer service life.

Copper rod is normally produced on continuous casting rolling lines.


At Bowers and Jones the roll manufacture is tailored to suit the demands on the roll in each stage of the mill.


The quality of the working rolls is crucial to the economic operation of the mill and the quality of the copper rod produced.

CRHP2 Conform_frei_gekontert Small copper coil Schematic diagram of the rotary extrusion process

Copper Rod Rolls

A special method of metal extrusion is the Continuous  Rotary Extrusion or CRE process.


The process utilises friction to generate heat which plasticises the feedstock.


It is manily used for small and medium sized profiles of copper, aluminium and its alloys.



The principle item of the machine is the wheel which is highly stressed due to high operational temperatures.


In addition to the high dimensional accuracy of the wheel, the correct selection of the most suitable material and optimum hardness range is essential to achieve a good hot creep strength to maximise life in service.

Continuous Rotary Extrusion (CRE) Wheels

Bowers & Jones has developed a range of high performance hot-working tool steels with excellent hot toughness, increased high temperature strength and low susceptibility to thermal cracking.


The classic grade DCV has proved successful in most hot working applications.


Excellent results have also been obtained in early mill stands with rolls made from WM28.


For intermediate and final sizing rolls WM30, with its good high temperature strength and resistance to tempering can also prove beneficial. These grades have properties which exceed that of the common H13 (1.2344) material.

Superior Material Properties

For highly demanding applications, the special high performance hot working tool steels DCM-HP1 and HP1Premium are available. They distinguish themselves from the standard grades by offering an improved resistance to thermal cracking.


Investment in the high performance hot working grades DCM-HP1 or HP1 Premium can be highly cost effective due to the much improved service life in highly demanding applications.


For further information and advice on which grade of hotworking tool steel would be applicable to your specific needs, please contact our sales team who will be happy to give you more detailed technical advice and support.