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B&W-White-High Resolution Full tube roll set B&J Design Simulation


Our team of highly skilled and experienced design engineers can offer customers the full range of design services, using state of the art 2D/3D software combined with many years of practical experience.


The range of services we offer include:

Bowers & Jones roll designers have the skills to design the full range of tube, pipe and rolled formed section mill sizes and shapes. From our extensive library of designs we can modify existing designs to suit a customer's individual needs or design from scratch. We also offer a reverse engineering service where existing rolls can be scanned and new drawings produced from the physical parts.


Using COPRA®FEA simulation software our design engineers can model existing roll designs, identify problem areas and correct poorly designed profile details. COPRA® is also a very useful tool to demonstrate to customers how rolls will perform on their lines thus increasing confidence in the design and significantly reducing commissioning time and effort

  • Designing new rolls for a new product or shape

  • Re-design / Problem solving

  • Splitting solid rolls into two piece rolls and shafts

  • All ancillary rolling mill parts and components

  • Feasibility studies

Design and Roll Capabilities

B&J Design Weld (1) Cut of and Die

As well as roll design, our team has the skills to design all mechanical and ancillary mill parts ranging from the very small to the very large such as:

  • Dies jaws and cut offs

  • Shafts, spindles and yokes

  • Strip entry guides and table

  • Driven and non-driven roll stands

  • Weld boxes

  • Levelling equipment

  • Accumulators

  • Bar peelers

  • 3-roll bending machines

  • All other parts associated with rolling tube and section

Equipment Design

Using our expertise and tools we can simulate your process or line and carry out "what if" analysis to simulate current problems and then redesign rolls and/or equipment to improve performance. We can also test different materials or expand/reduce size ranges to confirm feasibility on existing equipment.


Our engineers can also support you out in the field carrying out onsite evaluations of current production equipment, drawing on our 40 years experience of tube and section rolling and design expertise. There isn't much we haven't seen before or found a solution to.


During one of these evaluation we don't just look at the tooling. We also consider the set-up and alignment, the configuration of the tooling, the operator skills and knowledge and all other operational parts on the mill. We can then recommend solutions that might include operator training or improvements to set-up and/or maintenance practices.

Design and Consultancy Services

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