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The various conditions, in which rolls operate, require materials and heat treatments that are tailor-made for the specific application. This then reduces the effects of problems associated with roll forming such as roll pressure loading, rolling speed and thermal stressing.




Rolls manufactured by Bowers & Jones are produced using high quality tool steels. For rolls of large dimensions, powerful forging facilities ensure that there is sufficient deformation of the forged material through to the core. We can draw on many years of experience for the selection of the optimum material.


The rolls are produced in our modern well equipped workshop on CNC high precision machines. Our experienced machinists use the latest tooling technology enabling rolls to be machined to tight tolerances and achieve the highest quality of finish.


Naturally, the hardening process is controlled by us; the heat treatment is matched to the steel quality and the application. Additional surface treatments can further enhance the performance of the tooling; a selection of surface treatments is available, which can be selected depending on application and/or operational demands.

Frequently used surface treatments to improve rolls and shafts service life are:


  • Hard chrome plating

  • Grit blasting

  • Shot peening

  • Roller burnishing

  • Nitriding

In addition to forged tool steels, we can also manufacture rolls from special quality iron and cast steels as well as aluminium bronzes and PM grades. Our technical staff are always on hand for assistance, consultation and advice.

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Heat Treatment





Tool Steel




The selection of high quality materials, with the appropriate composition combined with specific heat treatment is key to the life span of a roll. Along with our design expertise and engineering / production knowledge, our products last up to 50% longer than our competitors. Our rolls in some cases can last up to 2-3 times longer than low quality rolls in high demanding applications.

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Bowers & Jones Tool Life

Bowers & Jones tools last on average

upto 50% longer

Our Competitors Tool Life

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