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Applications for longitudinally welded tubes and pipes cover many areas; a few examples are line pipe for different media and tubes for construction, mechanical engineering and the furniture and automotive industries. Depending primarily on the tube dimensions and material, welded tubes are manufactured by a number of different processes.

















Longitudinally welded tubes are manufactured by cold-forming a flat strip, with forming rolls, into an open seam tube which is then continuously welded. After welding, the tube is sized and straightened. The design of rolls for the pre-forming stages in tube manufacture, such as centre line, base line, w-forming or linear cage forming, is tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. Our design engineers are able to review the forming process and suggest alternative forming methods to improve product quality and productivity.


The rolls must be accurate, and require a high wear resistance and toughness. We manufacture rolls in a wide range of sizes for most types of mill, either in accordance to customer’s drawings, or if required, including design.



A number of processes are used for longitudinally welding tubes including argon arc, laser, plasma, electric resistance, high-frequency contact and high-frequency induction (HFI) welding.


HFI is most common today; it can be used for practically all types of tube. For all these processes we supply weld rolls made from materials that offer either a good wear resistance or high toughness in combination with good high temperature strength.


As an option for HFI welding we supply rolls made from the our own Märker® REMU material which, due to its antimagnetic properties, prevents the rolls getting too hot while maintaining a good wear resistance.


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Our range of CNC equipment means we can manufacture very small rolls for high precision tube manufacturing to extra large rolls for rolling up to 24" line pipe as standard. Our machinery does however allow us to manufacture much larger rolls on a customised basis dependent on a clients needs.

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